Rubberized roof. Added solar, AC, and roof vent fan. Not shown: completely gutted inside, with a new subfloor installed. It's starting to come together!


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What's your favorite text editor?

With the release of Sublime Text 4 today, I'm curious...

Indieweb: what is your text editor of choice?

Personally, I've been a Windows user most of my life and stuck with Notepad++. Ever since my wife convinced me to go back to Mac, I've been using VS Code since I still use a PC for work and wanted something that would work on that too.

I gave Sublime a quick test today and it is way faster, so I may make the switch!

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Two things for Saturday Morning:

  1. for sharing (and embedding!) platform-agnostic links to music
  2. This song! 🎡

Starting a new project today. 1967 Winnebago, needs a lot of work!


I've successfully made my first contribution to an open source project! Incredibly minor but still pretty happy about it!

I'm a little scared that 99 Percent Invisible sold to SiriusXM. Ever since Joe Rogan signed with Spotify, I've been low-key waiting for the entire industry to consolidate under Spotify, SiriusXM (via Stitcher), and Apple.