[W]hen schools closed, suspected suicide attempts actually decreased. When schools reopened, suspected suicide attempts skyrocketed in lockstep.

What started out as the most promising development in the history of the Web โ€“ the participation of users in the creation of content and online dialogue at scale โ€“ has turned into a swamp of sensation, lies, hate speech, harassment, and noise.

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Neil - I read your post about blogchains and that concept is one I was really hoping would happen with IndieForums! I've had a hard time following topics and conversations on IndieWeb sites if the conversation gets taken to another reply-thread. You get a reply, someone replies to that reply, but you as the OP or reader don't really know that there is a thread now on that reply. But if you all reference some common aggregator, the thread can stay together.

Also - one of the things I really liked (like? They aren't all dead!) about forums versus something like Reddit or Facebook is that you can ressurect a thread from the past. One new reply and it's back at the top, so the conversation can continue and new readers can easily find it.

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What's your favorite text editor?

With the release of Sublime Text 4 today, I'm curious...

Indieweb: what is your text editor of choice?

Personally, I've been a Windows user most of my life and stuck with Notepad++. Ever since my wife convinced me to go back to Mac, I've been using VS Code since I still use a PC for work and wanted something that would work on that too.

I gave Sublime a quick test today and it is way faster, so I may make the switch!

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Thanks, Chris! Being the first non-me person to post here, you exposed a few bugs! Should be all fixed now.

TIL Netlify build hooks are tied to a specific branch, not just the default build branch :)

Two things for Saturday Morning:

  1. song.link for sharing (and embedding!) platform-agnostic links to music
  2. This song! ๐ŸŽต

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Frictionless note-taking produces notes, but it doesnโ€™t - for me - produce memory.

This is true for me, too, and every so often I go on a productivity binge to find the "correct" note-taking tool for me. I always come back to plain-text.

Starting a new project today. 1967 Winnebago, needs a lot of work!


This episode of Ezra Klein's podcast was really good!

I've successfully made my first contribution to an open source project! Incredibly minor but still pretty happy about it!

Iโ€™ve been using Fastmail for a little over a year and have loved it. I actually stopped using the Apple Mail app (on both iOS and Mac) because their app / browser experience is so much better. Canโ€™t recommend them enough!

I'm a little scared that 99 Percent Invisible sold to SiriusXM. Ever since Joe Rogan signed with Spotify, I've been low-key waiting for the entire industry to consolidate under Spotify, SiriusXM (via Stitcher), and Apple.